lauantai 31. toukokuuta 2014

AJE and giveaway

I won three nice handmade artisan lampwork beads in Susan Kennedy´s giveaway of may in AJE. These are just my fawourite colour.Thank you very much Sue! (SueBeads Etsy   SueBeads Web Site) 


I was so happy when I got those beads, but the time wasn´t very good, because I have had terribly busy time. So I only put one picture of my bracelet, and I´ll be back after a few days. Today (I first said tomorrow, because I wrote this last night :D) we celebrate our school ending and tomorrow we are in Dublin (the holiday trip with the other teachers). There is a lot of doing between that, I don´t know how it works. :D

The other beads are one handmade ceramic bead from Golem studio, two handmade artisan lampwork beads from GlasBeadArt, some Czech glass beads, one Bali silver bead and Bali spacers. The Bali toggle and the rest of the bracelet is also silver.
I´ll visit the other members of this AJE giveaway when I´ll be back home. :)

 You can wisit the blogs and see what everyone has made with Susan´s beads!

Shai Williams
Erin Prais-Hintz
Kari Asbury
Carolyn Lawson
Merja Sundstrom

AJE Team:
Susan Kennedy
Lesley Watt
Keirsten Giles
Caroline Dewison
Rebekah Payne
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Diana Ptaszynski
Kristen Stevens
Francesca Watson
Melissa Meman
Linda Landig

19 kommenttia:

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends kirjoitti...

Beautiful bracelet!

Congratulations on winning those gorgeous beads from SueBeads. They certainly went to the perfect home to become gorgeous jewelry.

♥ Rita

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) kirjoitti...

Lovely design, Merja :)

Lesley kirjoitti...

Very pretty bracelet - great combination with the Golem lentil.

Caroline kirjoitti...

Lovely design, I love all the different components you've chosen, they work great together!

baymoondesign kirjoitti...

Great design!

Lori Bowring Michaud kirjoitti...

Love your bracelet! The Golem lentil is a perfect addition! I'd wear that all the time!

SueBeads kirjoitti...

Merja, I love your bracelet, and all the different beads you added really bring it together, including the Golem lentil! Thanks so much for playing along, and have a great time in Dublin!

Jenny kirjoitti...

Ooh its great! The Golem bead is such a perfect complement to Sue's chiclets. I like the leaf and drop dangles as well! Lovely!

Jennifer Cameron kirjoitti...

Gorgeous bracelet! Perfect for wearing in Dublin (one of my favorite places). Enjoy your holiday. And thanks for reading AJE and for participating in our design challenge!

Ann Schroeder kirjoitti...

This is a beautiful bracelet. All the beads you used are perfect for the flower chicklets. Lovely.

Alice kirjoitti...

What a lovely piece! I love all the beads you use and they work so well together.

Kari Asbury kirjoitti...

Beautiful! Love the colors and the additional beads you chose. Everything looks great together!

lunedreams kirjoitti...

Beautiful! I love the color palette you got, and the silver with it is just perfect. And the Golem bead seems made for the bracelet! Well done!

Shai Williams kirjoitti...

Those are some of my favorite colors also. Pulling them together with the Golem lentil was inspired.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I love your bracelet!! The colors are gorgeous and the other art beads you combined with Sue's chicklets are perfect. The whole thing is wonderful!

Unknown kirjoitti...

Enjoy your holiday wearing the gorgeous bracelet!

Miina kirjoitti...

i-h-a-n-a-t korut :) :)

Suntsa kirjoitti...

Thank you all lovely ladies for your comments. Ja kiitos Miina. :)

Rebekah kirjoitti...

What a gorgeous woodsy and summery bracelet Merja! I love to see warm tones combined with silver—I really think it's such a lovely harmony of elements and styles. I'd happily wear it any day!