lauantai 31. toukokuuta 2014

AJE and giveaway

I won three nice handmade artisan lampwork beads in Susan Kennedy´s giveaway of may in AJE. These are just my fawourite colour.Thank you very much Sue! (SueBeads Etsy   SueBeads Web Site) 


I was so happy when I got those beads, but the time wasn´t very good, because I have had terribly busy time. So I only put one picture of my bracelet, and I´ll be back after a few days. Today (I first said tomorrow, because I wrote this last night :D) we celebrate our school ending and tomorrow we are in Dublin (the holiday trip with the other teachers). There is a lot of doing between that, I don´t know how it works. :D

The other beads are one handmade ceramic bead from Golem studio, two handmade artisan lampwork beads from GlasBeadArt, some Czech glass beads, one Bali silver bead and Bali spacers. The Bali toggle and the rest of the bracelet is also silver.
I´ll visit the other members of this AJE giveaway when I´ll be back home. :)

 You can wisit the blogs and see what everyone has made with Susan´s beads!

Shai Williams
Erin Prais-Hintz
Kari Asbury
Carolyn Lawson
Merja Sundstrom

AJE Team:
Susan Kennedy
Lesley Watt
Keirsten Giles
Caroline Dewison
Rebekah Payne
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Diana Ptaszynski
Kristen Stevens
Francesca Watson
Melissa Meman
Linda Landig

lauantai 10. toukokuuta 2014

BSPB 8 and Suntsa´s supersimples

It´s time to introduce my jewellery of the international Bead Soup Blog Party. The one organizing this project once again, is amazing Lori Anderson. Nearly 500 people all over the world are involved this party! You can see more of this huge  bead swap in her pages and a list of participants here.
 I'm taking part of the Party for the second time. Last year my partner was lovely Sandra from Germany. I was so sad when my blog pages disappeared, but I tried to collect it somehow again here.

In this year my partner is Karin, an Enlish teacher and a talented jewellery maker from Paris. Let´s go to see what she has made from the soup I sent to her. (Ha haa. I added this picture of my soup after Lori´s Scavenger Hunt #2 for BSBP. This helps to find red and orange at least in her blog. :D)

And the next one is the lovely soup she sent to me. It´s full of beautiful earthy colours which all suits together very well. Even though I used almost only her beads, I still have some beads left. There could have been so many different ways to use this comprehensive soup, but I had a very busy time in my life, so I took the easiest way to work with these beads. My `jewelry taste´ is very simple and I use mostly necklaces. Perhaps that´s the reason I made only necklaces of these beads. I´m sorry of that, and perhaps a little bit of the simplicity... and bad English. ;)

When our kids were small (about twenty years ago...) we travelled a lot with our traveller car around the Europe. This  soup carried me to the past, to the beautiful memories of our summer holiday journeys to the southern Europe.  I loved the Provence and the colors of it. When I saw the colorful bag Karin sent to me I even felt the lovely aromas of that memorable area. It´s truly one the most delightful places on the Earth. 

The pendant Karin sent to me, is the unique ceramic pendant made by Tracee Dock. The beads I took from her soup for this necklace, are copper colored Czech glass beads in different sizes and shapes, sandalwood beads and some colour painted agate beads. Only a few blue mashan jade beads are my own. The necklace is so long that it´s without the clasp.

Cartwheel - Kärrynpyörä:

Next I took the hand painted copper clasp Karin sent to me. It would have been perfect with the pendant, but the long necklace didn´t need it necessarily. So I took the red horn rings and the painted blue mother of pearl beads with my own copper chain (which I changed a little). Very simple, but I think it works.

French rings - Ranskalaiset renkaat:

I hadn´t use any ribbons yet. I made a plait to the short necklace by using the recycled sari silk and the red waxed linen and added some agate beads. Almost everything is still from Karin´s soup. Only the copper parts are my own.

Blackberries - Karhunvatukat:

Then I was going to stop, but there were still some beads left, so I made one necklace more. :) I have made some little changes after taking this picture, but not very big ones. Here you can see more Karin´s  agate beads, the rest of the Czech glass beads and the waxed linen cord. The copper is mine, as well as the bronze leaf, the Czech crystal bead, and the two handmade beads by MiunMaun, my Finnish skilled `bead friend´. The way I made the chain by using the waxed cord and the small Czech beads is `something new´ for me. Everything else is very familiar.

The colours of Provece - Provensen värit: 

Thank you Karin for the lovely soup. You gave me more than the beads;  you gave me a ride to warm memories. :) And thank you Lori for this wonderful opportunity to take part in this enormous Party! I have now so busy time in my life, that I´m afraid I don´t have time to visit many of the blogs very soon, but I promise to do it later.