sunnuntai 31. tammikuuta 2016

'Buried Treasure' (use your stash) challenge

I took part in AJE:s challenge "buried treasures". I have too many treasures and I make too seldom anything of them. So this challenge is just good for me.

One of my favorite jewellery artisans from the exellent ladies who are the members of AJE team, is Lesley Watt. I love especially her bronze components. I Have bought some beautiful pendants from her, but not used none of them. I apologize I didn´t take pictures before making jewellery of them. But here they are; made by my simply way.

First I took the lovely spring green flowerpendant (perhaps waiting for the spring so desperately :D), added some funny and beautiful freshwater pearls and two colousrs of matsuno peanut beads. Ta daa: this is mine!

Then I took the beautiful link of autum colours. Even though I don´t like autum so much, autum colours are my favourite. Here is the bracelet made of the leaf link, matsuno beads and garnet beads. I think this also mine. ;)



Here they are, not used together, but I like both of them. Perhaps I made them for my birthday present  (almost by accident, because that was not my purpose). On same day I got flowers from my dear husband, because he remembers my birthday nowadays much better. :D


Yesterday I found more treasures made by Lesley. I made the necklace with the bronze leaf  pendant with beautiful autum colours added by a small  bronze branch and a chain. Those tiny leaves are small Czech  rose petals, and the berries are perhaps new jade. 


  There was still left a pair of exquisite bronze charms. So I wanted to make a pair of earrings with two lila Czech Glass Beads. (The earring hooks are niobium.) These look very different in diffferent lights. It was already quite dark when I took the photos, so they are not so good, but I shall take better pictures some other day.


Thank you Lesley for these beautiful treasures and thank you AJE team for the nice challenge. (I´m sorry my bad English again. I should like to say much more, but it is so difficult for me in English.)