torstai 29. syyskuuta 2016

September Theme challenge

 The september has been warm (so warm  it can be here in Finland in september, it means not enough for me...), but now it´s raining a lot and becoming colder and darker. Many people like autumn, but it´s not  my  favourite season. I remember say it every time talking about it...

 I took part in AJE:s challenge of autumn hosting by Caroline Dewison from Blueberribeads. This challenge is so for me. I´m living "almost in the middle of the forest". Love the idea of trees as inspiration. I have many pendants and beads of this theme, and I was happy I was another lucky winner of one beautiful bead made by Caroline. It´s made from buff stoneware clay and decorated with underglazes and a china painted tree motif. Thank you Caroline for the inspiring bead and challenge! Here is the bead  photographed in the daylight.


Because of the china painted tree motif I was first going to make some chinese knots, but I didn´t had any suitable cords for it, and not time for buying new ones. So I only used stringing wire and the beads I have; small shell beads, matte black beanutbeds and some beautiful lampworked beads from GlassBeadArt suitble for Caroline´s stylish pendant.


It´s dark now. I´m sorry of the bad picture taking in lamp light. I´ll take more pictures next afternoon. I´ll hope it will not rain the whole day.

Ps. Look also at the previous posting. I made the necklace in August without  knowing of the becoming theme. The cute ceramic pine pendant is made by Lesley Watt. It remains me of the pine forest surrounding our house. The beads are snakeskin jasper, the chain is copper. Lesley is also one of the excelent participant  of AJE team. So maybe this is also suitble for this challenge.

 Ps.Ps. It´s still raining and too late when I tried to took some other  photos. Thanks for doing everything last night. The result is almost the same:

Here you can see how long the autumn is today in our front yard. Not the best day taking pictures in the rain.

And now the same place two days later. The clouds are dark, but the sun came forth for a while.