sunnuntai 16. maaliskuuta 2014

International BSBP soups

PSBP is going on. (Let´s go to the link if you wish more information.) This year I got my partner from the capital of France; the lovely Parisian Karin. It´s time to introduce the soups we sent to each other.

First what Karin sent to me. In the package there was a letter and beautiful bag with a metal bird. It remains me of the lovely small boutiques where I wanted to go shopping when we travelled around France with our traveller car when our kids were small. Oh, so many years ago...

The bag was full of adorable materials. The same warm colour theme continued inside. I love it.

Karin had picked the pieces wery carefully. The colour tunes were just right. You can find most of them in the adorable pendant. I really love these warm and earthy colours. Here is her bead soup for me:
- unique ceramic pendant by Tracee Dock,
- hand patinated copper clasp
- copper colored Czech glass beads in two sizes
- red horn rings
- lovely sandalwood beads and small wood beads
- beautiful colour painted agate beads
- painted blue mother of pearl beads
- Czech glass beads, whose shapes and colours match also perfectly
- red waxed linen and recycled sari silk


The biggest  challenge may be from where should I start, because the soup is so huge. :)

Then next is my soup for Karin. I think the "hard" (bright orange and red against black) colour combination is the challenge for Karin, even though she likes bright colours.
Karin told me when she saw the pendant, that poppies are her favorite flowers and part of the name of her blog! I didn´t know that. It was a funny coincidence.

 My soup for Karin is:
- big handmade ceramic pendant from Golem studio
- four handmade ceramic beads from Golem studio
- ten handmade aritsan lampwork beads from GlassBeadArt
- Bali silver toggle clasp
- two Bali silver beads
- red colored coral beads
- amethyst beads
- two shapes black onyx beads
- black handmade silk ribbon

4 kommenttia:

Karin G kirjoitti...

I so much love the soup you sent me! Thank you, I am so going to enjoy playing with all these beauties and will will definitely take on the color challenge!

Mags kirjoitti...

terveisin 'suuri keittoruokien ystävä' :-D

Sandra kirjoitti...

Wow, this is such a contrast to the bead soup you got from me last year! Love the warm colors!

Suntsa kirjoitti...

Thank you Karin. I´m happy with that. :)

Kiitos Mags. Juu me kumpikin ollaan. ;)

Yes Sandra. But I love them both! <3